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We know. We feel you.

Business in Africa is tough? We can relate.

Others might not get it, but we do.

We hear when you sigh; when you shake your head, when you have outbursts of anger at that client who has refused to pay your money as agreed. We hear when another client asks you to do a job in exchange for “exposure” as if that would take you to Bali for vacation.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner or simply an entrepreneur, you don’t have it easy.

We know. We feel you.

You have to be your own investor, power supply, transportation and logistics provider, digital marketer, sales rep, social media manager, content creator, photographer, designer, accountant and lawyer.

But you have mastered the art of doing everything on your own. When you find help, you take it. And when you don’t, you just keep going. You’ve found a way to thrive, to succeed…

We see you, and we celebrate you.

But we’ve noticed that you’ve also been having a difficult time with your legal.


What’s that? You ask.


Your contracts, your invoices, your taxes, your legal and regulatory information.

Aha, we hear you say! Clients don’t honor arrangements made. When they do, they do so partially. They don’t pay on time or sometimes at all. They ask for more than what was bargained.

You sometimes wonder – is this how you will join the billionaire gang?

Every time you share your pain on social media, you get the usual refrain.

‘Hire a lawyer’. ‘Sue them’. ‘Take legal steps’. ‘Sign a contract’.

But you can’t afford to, sometimes. Sometimes, the transaction happens so fast you don’t have the time to download a template, edit it, print it, sign it, scan it to the client and wait for days before they respond, if they ever do. When they do sign it, you have to chase down your payment.

And let’s be honest, even if you choose to endure all of these, doing your legal is boring and complex.

What does ‘force majeure’ mean and who still says ‘hereinafter?’ Isn’t there a way doing your legal can be simpler, safer and extremely cool?

Yes, there is and we are creating it. Doing your legal yourself can be simple and exciting. All you’ll need is a Legalbox.

Doing business in Africa should not have to end in tears.

Let us show you how.